As OneZero’s Chief Technology Officer, Sam is tasked with managing all aspects of OneZero’s strategic technological plans, overseeing data security and management, and envisioning how different forms of technology will be used throughout the company and its associated contracts. Mr. Stark brings both military experience and more than 12 years’ of experience across the Department of Defense (DoD), Energy Sector and 5 Eyes (FVEY) Enterprise as a leader in enterprise-level IT strategies.

Sam served 6 years on the US nuclear submarine force on the USS Springfield, and then served on a special programs office in Washington, D.C., which started his admiration and understanding for pushing the limits of technology. Upon separating from the US Navy and entering the contract industry within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) he established himself as a technology leader, often pushing the agencies and those he worked with to explore the realm of the possible. This drive and thought process expanded into and throughout the intelligence community and 5 Eyes Enterprise. Sam is an expert in implementing emerging technologies and data-driven business systems to optimize operations, create innovative solution offerings, drive digital transformation, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Sam lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife, Cali, and his daughters, Piper and Devyn, where he and his family enjoy the wonders of Texas: Tubing down the Guadalupe, sitting in the sand on the gulf of Mexico, and all the Tacos they can handle. When not wrapped up in the world of his little ones, Sam can be found trying to learn about the next sets of technology and how they can benefit those around him.

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