As OneZero’s Sr. Vice President of Cybersecurity, Joe brings over 23 years of Cybersecurity program management and service delivery expertise to our Executive Leadership Team. He is responsible for ensuring our teams understand their client’s needs and regulatory requirements and assists in the development of organizational programs and technology solutions to ensure adequate levels of operational security and regulatory compliance posture throughout all phases of the Systems Engineering Lifecycle (SELC) and Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Joe is a 20 year veteran of the U. S. Navy, serving as an Electronics Technician before cross-rating over to Information Systems Technician. During his tenure, he completed sea duty tours onboard the USS El Paso, LKA 117, and the USS Barry, DDG-52, and shore duty tours at NAS Whiting Field, NCTAMS EURCENT Det Rota Spain, and COMNAVNETWARCOM. As the ADP Division Lead and Senior Network Analyst onboard the USS Barry, Joe engineered and deployed intrusion detection systems on the ship’s two primary enclaves and established a network monitoring team. That team captured multiple real-world attacks on the network and was recognized as “Best in the Battle Group” on multiple occasions during the 2004 Harry S. Truman Group Sail. And while the Navy’s Cybersecurity program was still in its infancy, the criticality of the work was evident and spurned an interest that has fueled a 20-plus year career.

Joe has supported the DoD and other Federal Agencies as a contractor since 2007. He started that career as a Cybersecurity Analyst providing SIPRNet Certification and Accreditation support services to USCG LANT Area. In 2010, Joe transitioned over to C3CEN, now C5ISC Portsmouth, as the ISSO Support Services Team Lead and Project Manager. Since then, his career has matured through the ranks of Program Manager to Director and now Vice President. And while work ethic and passion have contributed significantly to his success, the primary factor has been the solid mentorship and guidance provided by the leaders that have influenced him throughout his career. That engagement is something that Joe truly appreciates and strives to give back to the Cybersecurity community whenever possible. The future success of the cybersecurity community is directly predicated upon the level of investment the senior professionals put into growing our junior associates.

Joe lives in Chesapeake VA, with his wife, Sally. When he is not out on his boat exploring all of the waterways Hampton Roads has to offer, Joe will be found on the golf course subjecting himself to the mental anguish of trying to hit a little white ball into a 4.25-inch diameter hole within regulation.

“When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment… or the moment defines you.” – KEVIN COSTNER – Roy McAvoy

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